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Feeling Beautiful.. [31 Mar 2006|09:51am]

[ mood | inspired ]

I've had a hard time feeling as though I'm worthy of the public eye, ever since I had my daughter last June. It's so easy to lose myself in daily happenings, and to get caught up in taking care of the baby, that I've almost forgotten how to take care of myself. With the warmer weather showing itself more and more all of the time, I am once again feeling motivated to look nice, to take the time to actually put my hair up in something other than a quick ponytail, to apply my make-up with a bit more caution and using more color, highlighting my cheekbones with blush, and quickening my step.

I'm beginning to think that it should a personal LAW for each and every woman to take that time in the day, no matter how busy they are, to brush their hair until it's silky smooth, to brush their teeth until they glow, to apply their makeup as though they were working on a priceless work of art .. and to NEVER wear sweatpants unless it's seriously time to be comfortable and kick back at home with a good book.

I'm feeling inspired to take that time for myself. Even now, I usually have to force it because "I don't have time, there are other things more important to be done" ... but you know ... it makes me feel great on the inside when I do take that time, and what is more important than feeling worthy and feeling good about yourself? A bit of needed self-confidence never hurt anyone .. and we're all worth it. We deserve that time to ourselves, whether it's 5 minutes or 60.

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[29 Dec 2005|04:07pm]

Ok, so tell me if I seem on track.

1/2 cup vanilla yogurt with fruit and granola
tuna sandwich
grilled chicken, vegetable, small portion of rice

I've always told myself that even foods that can be "not so good" for you, would be ok if eaten in moderation. So, for all my meals I'm going to eat larger portions of meat and veggies and small portions of the sides.
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[27 Dec 2005|10:24am]

I got a day at the spa as a christmas present. I'm not going to use it until I lose 10lbs!!
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[20 Dec 2005|09:39pm]

I've always told myself that if someone was around to tell me what to eat, I would do it. You'd think I would have the self control to do it myself, but I don't.

Let's see if we can help each other. List some meals(breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) that you enjoy. Healthy meals that taste good. I don't think we're looking for tasteless, no-carb foods. I'd rather enjoy what I eat, but enjoy it in moderation. If we get a good list, we can each chose from the list to complete our intake for the day. I think it'll be fun! Wanna give it a shot?

*just comment to this post and after we get a good handful, I'll list them in categories in a new post.
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[16 Dec 2005|11:25pm]

While I'm working on getting this thing going, I'll make a suggestion. It comes from something my mom taught me to do since I was a little girl. "Suck your tummy in", she would say. Do it as much as possible and see if you can see a change.

Buy yourself a dessert during this time! Have yourself a food orgasm!
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[16 Dec 2005|11:23pm]


My motivation for this community was a resolution I made not long ago. I won't repost it, but the gist was this:

"This upcoming year is about me. I will pamper myself to evoke motivation. Motivation not only to benefit me, but to help me with my family and others around me. Happiness starts from within. If I am happy, then it will be easier to help with happiness in others. One way to be happy is to feel beautiful and what better way to make you feel beautiful, then to pamper yourself? If you feel important and special enough to be pampered, then that is motivation in itself to better yourself."

Thanks to moonskyfarm for giving me the push to start this community. She will help me moderate!

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